Run 1411        24th August    Se Men Tau

Bukit Lagong  GPS 3⁰ 15.491′N   101⁰ 38.323′N

Find your way to Old Ipoh RoadPass Tesco Extra on left. Follow nasional road sign to Ipoh, pass Pasar Borong Wholesale Market on right, pass Selayang Hospital turn on left, straighton. Turn left at Kompleks Kerajaan Daerah Gombak and PHHH sign Keep left and about 1kmturn right into Bukit Lagong Follow metal road to hash runsite site at rest place.



18th August 2016


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Welcome to the Homepage of The Persatuan

Batu Hash House Harriers & Harriettes,

Kuala Lumpur!

Hashing is a friendly, non-competitive sport of cross country running. It has its roots in England in the mid-1800s based on the hares and hounds meets. Soon, competitive and non-competitive harrier groups were formed and spread overseas in the former British colonies.

Batu Hash House Harriers & Harriettes was formed in the late 1980s when two stalwarts met up one night and after having consumed a copious amount of alcoholic beverages, came up with the idea of setting a hash house in the Batu precinct. Meetings after meetings took place, Batu Hash House Harriers & Harriettes was formed, a logo designed around CaveMan and Mafia, the Founders and then finally the inaugural run flagged off on December 13, 1989. At present, only three of the pioneer members are still running with Batu; Caveman, Guinness & Sloppy. Early members include AAuuu and LanYam

Runs are held every Wednesday with no exception (unless in times of war and civil unrest), and they generally last between 1 and 1 hours. If you are new in town, do give us a call and we'll show you the non-touristy places in the Klang Valley. And to borrow a quote from Phil "Thrill Furkhand" Kirkland, "If you've half a mind to join the hash, that's all you need".

Bare Facts

Established : December 13, 1989

Run Day : Every Wednesday

Run Type : Mixed

Run Starts : 6.15pm local time (GMT +8hours) unless otherwise stated

Official Brew : Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

Guests Fees : From  RM40.00 (~US$10.00) Men

                              RM40.00 (~US$10.00) Women

How To Reach Us

Snail Mail : No. 172, Jalan Segambut, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Telephone : +60.3 2201 5101 (office hours).

Facsimile : +60.3.2201 5101

E-mail :

Web Master email or

Home page :


The Miss-Management Committee

Grand Mistress


DooDe Doo

012 981 6419

012 382 1919

Joint Mistress

Joint Mistress

Lion Pussy

012 206 2218

Naughty Stik

019 327 2291/03 2201 5101